Are  you someone who:

  • dreads gym workouts?
  • feels lost in group classes?
  • is dealing with work-related chronic pain and stress?
  • is lacking the motivation to start a fitness and wellness practice?
  • craves guidance, motivation and accountability to achieve your goals?
  • wants to learn to love yourself and your body unconditionally?
  • is intrigued by the Body Positive Movement?
  • has struggled with disordered eating in the past?
  • is tired of yo-yo dieting?

Being happy and comfortable in your body isn’t about fitting into a certain size or reaching that perfect number on the scale. It is about learning to accept your body as it is and meeting your body where it is right now. Body Positivity is about establishing your own version of what being healthy looks like so you can upgrade your body image and learn to truly love your body and yourself.

My coaching services will help you learn to accept your body, upgrade your body image to a more positive one and help you to think of your body as worthy of praise and acceptance. I will help you to find your version of healthy and experience joyful movement to connect with your body in healthier ways.

See the Work With Me section to learn more about my Body of Love: Wellness and Body Positive Coaching Services that I provide.




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