BarSculpt Workout


When I was younger, I kind of fancied myself as a dancer. Mind you I never had any formal training; I just kind of twirled around in my living room like I thought I was a ballerina. My family just didn’t support that, but to this day I still wish I had taken ballet/dance classes. That is probably why I like Barre classes. There are so many variations today: Pure Barre, Barre Method, BarSculpt etc.

Back before I took my Pilates Certification I was looking into BarSculpt and was really interested in doing the training. I decided to go with the Pilates Cert because I saw it as something that would be easier to incorporate into my Yoga classes in small amounts (like during an ab portion of class), or would be able to teach at places like Yoga Studios that might not have the Barre installed.

I’m very blessed to have the oppourtunity to take the BarSculpt training soon, and decided to take more of this variation of classes. Today’s class was amazing, a great  all over body workout, and I felt terrific after class.

The weight portion for the arms was easy enough for me, the part on the actual barre was a different story. It’s a lot of “seat”, thigh, leg work which felt great, but having just did a Spin class yesterday I was more than “shaky”. However, I made it through to the floor work portion of the class which is a lot of ab work. Now that I am consistenly practicing/teaching Pilates this was stuff that I was used to and enjoy.

I see a lot of crossover and similarites between Barre classes, Yoga and Pilates. I love how they all seem to go hand in hand with one another. I’m excited for the training and to teach this awesome workout. For now though, I  can’t wait to take my next class.

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