Pilates VS Yoga


I love this comparison between Yoga and Pilates. Although I do not 100% agree with some of the information given on Yoga. This makes it sound like Yogis just sit on a room in a mat, with a turban headed guru, learning how to breath in and out through the nose. For instance the comment about Yoga not focusing on strength or toning is completely untrue. Tell me that when you have done so many chaturangas and updogs that your arms feel like they are going to fall off.

A lot of Yoga poses build strength, including the standing poses like Warrior II and the balancing poses. Of course Pilates focuses on strength building a little more, especially the core/powerhouse. I find Yoga and Pilates to be so similar in ways, but also so completely different. I think they go hand in hand pretty well, and I practice and teach both. Still, this is a pretty neat comparison.

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