Quinoa Garden Salad


Quinoa is a Vegan’s best friend. Quinoa is a versatile alternative to starchier products like rice and potatoes. It contains essential amino acids, is a good source of calcium, iron, dietary fiber and has a very high complete protein content. It’s also Gluten-Free!

When cooked it has a fluffy texture, that goes with almost any dish, and can be eaten hot or cold. I usually cook mine in a low sodium vegetable stock instead of water, to give it more flavor.

The “Forks Over Knives” documentary was such an amazing insight in to how what we eat really affects our health. I was already Vegan when I saw this documentary, but it really confirmed that this way of eating was the right one for me. I highly recommend you rent it! I am not going too much into it here; I’ll save that for another post.

The other day while doing my grocery shopping I saw the “Forks Over Knives: The Plant Based Way to Health” book and decided to pick it up. I just tried this quinoa Garden Salad recipe today and it was so simple to make, very tasty, and a low-cal, low-fat, healthy vegan meal or side dish. I need to pick up their full size cook book for more tasty vegan recipes.

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