Winter Storm Nemo

So I’m waiting for Winter Storm Nemo to roll in soon. The worst snow storm New England has seen in over 30 years, with snow accumulation two feet or more. Ugh!

When you are stuck in the house for two or more days during something like this, and can’t get out to the gym/studio you have the tendency to slack off, sit on the couch stuffing your face, and watching TV (at least until the power goes out from severe blustery, winds.)

So knowing that the storm was coming, I made my own Winter Storm Preparations:

Keep healthy snacks on hand like fresh fruit, nuts, rice cakes, stuff to make PB&J sandwhiches, etc. We had to stock up on food items that didn’t need to be heated or kept in the fridge in case we do lose power. I opted to pick healthy snacks to keep on my nutrition plan, and to keep myself from eating junk.

Knowing I wasnt going to be able to get out for a class or to hit the gym because of the road conditions and severe weather I made a plan for workouts to do at home. Luckily Yoga and Pilates are both great workouts that are easily done at home, even with minimal space. I also added this workout below. Another great thing about these, if we lose power, they will keep me from getting bored, and keep me warm since we may lose heat. Win, Win!


I’ve also saved some projects to do while we are stuck inside, like cleaning out closets and cabinets. I get bored easily, and cleaning is like mediation to my soul and mind, it calms me.

If you are expecting Winter Storm Nemo in your area, be safe, be warm, and always be healthy!

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