I Heart Yoga

lover's heart

So today is Valentine’s Day; a day of chocolates that make you gain weight, bouquets of roses that die, and cards that get lost in a drawer. Is that really how you want to express your love for yourself or another? February also happens to be Heart Health Month.

I think one of the best ways you can express your love for yourself and for your significant other is to be healthy, and make sure you are around for a long time to continue to express that love for one another. Taking care of and loving yourself will let you be better able to take care of and love others.

Yoga is such a great thing to do as a couple. It helps you to connect to each other on a deeper level, communicate better with one another, and stay fit together. AND the family that stays fit together, stays together!

Of course there are the heart health benefits to Yoga that you will both enjoy:

1. Yoga helps to get your blood circulating (almost as much as the sight of your true love) and this can help decrease your risk of heart attacks and strokes as it prevents blood clotting.

2. Yoga helps to relieve stress by teaching you to slow down, focus on the moment and just BREATHE. This affects the parasympathetic nervous system which helps to lower blood pressure and heart rate.

3. Yoga improves your heart health by lowering your resting heart rate, increasing endurance (handy in the bedroom) and helps to improve the amount of oxygen you take in during exercise.

Many Yoga studios around the world, offer partner classes (especially on Valentines Day), so skip the heavy romantic dinner out, and bond with one another on a deeper level by taking a class together. Besides what a great way to show your love how flexible you are! 😉

Happy Healthy Heart Day!

P.S. If you still really want the chocolates and roses, that’s great, just get on your mat first. Think “Chatarungas to Chocolates” or “Downward Dog to Dinner Out”. You’ve earned it! ❤

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