Yoga Pose of the Week



My Yoga Pose of the Week is Mandukasana/Frog Pose. I have been teaching this in all my classes this week. Frog is an intense hip opener and benefits include: stretching the inner thighs, opening the hips, chest and shoulders and strengthen the arms.

To get into Frog, come into a table top position, separate knees out wider than the hips, and as wide as you feel comfortable, then bring the ankles in line with the knees and flex the feet facing out, like frog legs! Start to inch your body forward, coming onto forearms or a block. With each inhale lengthen the spine, and with each exhale relax deeper into the pose. You can eventually walk out the hands coming down completely onto the mat/floor.

I always mention to my students that there is a line between discomfort and pain. Because we all sit at desks all day etc, we have tight, squished hips, so this can be an intense pose for some people. Find that sweet spot where you can start to use the breath to fully let go in this pose, but if it’s feeling painful then back off into table top. After ten breaths (you can go up to 20 breaths if you want), back off slowly into table top. Utilize the new found openness in the hips to take a wide legged child’s pose, and fully release the back and rest for a few breaths.

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