I just finished a Dietbet challenge for the month of June. If you don’t know what Dietbet it is, it’s a social weight loss challenge. You join a challenge, and put money into the pot (I put in $25) and you agree to lose a certain percentage of weight over the month. The winners are the ones who hit their weight loss goal, and the pot is divided by the winners. I hit my goal and am one of the winners, and am waiting to hear how much I won back.

I’m not going to lie; it wasn’t easy! Every time I wanted to cheat and eat, hmmmm, say a cupcake, I had to stop and think about this challenge. What if this cupcake makes me gain weight, then I lose the challenge, and I’m out the money I put in. The thing I liked and the thing I hated about this challenge are the one and the same: it holds you accountable! If you don’t have anything holding you accountable it’s so easy to blow off your goals, to cheat on yourself, or to just plain give up.

Now that the challenge is over, and we are awaiting final results, I see a lot of people commenting on how happy they are it’s over. That they felt that they couldn’t cheat, or eat what they want, I even saw a comment saying “Now I can eat good food!” (which to me means you would rather eat that bag of chips, than a bag of carrots). All I can think is wow, some people don’t do well with being held accountable! If you cheat on your goal, or don’t put the effort or the work in, if nothing is holding you accountable, then no one knows. You don’t feel pressure to keep focusing on what you want. Guess what? The only person you are cheating is yourself!

And don’t get me wrong here, there were times this month, where I was thinking “Well if I order pizza on Friday night then I have a whole week to work hard and lose weight before my next weigh in”. Boy I have never thought about pizza so much as I did this month. But being held accountable by this challenge kept me on track. I saw the results I wanted both physically and on the scale.

Whatever goal you set, you have to make yourself accountable! Put it out there, tell friends, put it on your social media sites, let everyone know. Because, guess what, then you can’t sit in a corner eating a bag of chips, and think you got away with it. Create a vision board or a list of goals, like I mentioned in yesterday’s post. The best way to hold yourself accountable is to set a goal, let everyone know about it, and create some real strategic moves around that goal.

For instance one of my goals is to finish a century ride this year. How do I create strategic moves to help me accomplish this goal? Break down! Step one: buy a bike, and start training. Step two: add it to your vision board, so you can visually be reminded of this. Step three; let others know. If you read any of my social media profiles this goal is listed. I talk to everyone I know about my goal to finish a century this year. I buy magazines about biking to inspire me. I talk to other cyclists, and read online cycling forums. I have even read up on different races, and training plans. Step four: register for it! I have friends tell me all the time that they want to run a 5K or Half Marathon, and I ask them “Did you pick one and register yet” and the answer I’m always given is “No, not yet”. Ok if not NOW, then when? Pick an event, register for it and you have something to work towards.

You can’t make a goal and not hold yourself accountable towards it, or you are just setting yourself up for failure. If you goal is weight loss, you can’t just say “I want to lose 20 lbs”. If that’s your goal, GREAT! But how are you going to get there? Make it time sensitive, by giving yourself a By When date. Figure out your plan and set it in place. Are you going to do a particular diet plan say Weight Watchers? What kinds of activities do you like? Figure out what you want to do for exercise and make it happen. Write it in your schedule, tell friends, even invite them along. Think of your goal as if you are running a marathon! Its all step after step after step. One foot in front of the other. You can’t get to the finish line without crossing mile 5, mile 10, mile 15, etc.

Keep yourself held accountable, keep yourself motivated and driven, and you can accomplish your goals. So am I signing up for another Dietbet challenge. NO WAY!! But I have learned what I need to do to stay healthy, and continue in my physical goals. This challenge really fired me up to keep going, and I have new ways of keeping myself held accountable. I don’t need the thought of money hanging over my head to keep me motivated.



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