The Mudra of Knowledge


The other day in class, I had a student ask me about mudras. It’s not something I’ve ever really touched upon in class, so it got me thinking. On my older version of this blog (now closed) I had started posts about the mudras, and had even started an album of the Mudras on my Facebook page. So I’m going to add them here as well.

Mudras are Sanskrit for seals. Mudras are often expressed through the hands and fingers mostly during silent sitting or meditation. The different position of hands have different meanings, and help to direct the flow of life energy. Today I wanted to touch on one of the most used and well known mudras, Guyan Mudra.

Guyan/Gyan Mudra is known as the knowledge seal. Create this mudra by placing the tip of the forefinger and the thumb together, and letting the other three fingers fall straight away from the palm. Rest the back of the hands on your legs as you sit in lotus/cross legged position, with the palms open up to the sky. This mudra is said to relieve stress, sharpen memory and concentration, and help you achieve mental peace. It also said to help relieve headaches and migraines.


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