7 Yoga Poses for Runners and Cyclists #3 Gomukhasana/Cow Face Pose


Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose (not sure why it’s called Cow Face, but anyways) is one of my favorite stretches to do post run/bike. The full pose involves bringing the hands behind the back and interlacing them. I do a variation without the bind on the hands (as shown in the picture). Any athletic person will find this pose a bit uncomfortable to get into, but once you do the pose, and come out you will feel amazing. The important thing here is to not force yourself into the pose. If you cant come into this with the legs stacked as shown, then come to an easy cross legged pose, and start there.

Pose #3 Gomukhasana or Cow Face Pose


  • great hip opener
  • stretches hips, thighs, ankles
  • stretches the IT Band, an area that seldom gets stretches

How To:

  • Start in a seated position
  • Tuck your left foot over to your right hip
  • Take your right leg and stack the knee on top of the left knee (as shown)
  • make sure you are sitting on both sit bones between the feet
  • lengthen the spin by reaching the crown of the head up and grounding down into the sit bones
  • Take a deep inhale
  • As you exhale pull the belly in and start to fold over the knees
  • If you can allow the head/chin to rest on the knees
  • Breathe into the pose for 5 – 10 breaths
  • You should feel the stretch where your back pocket would be if you were wearing jeans
  • Switch legs/sides

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