7 Yoga Poses for Runners and Cyclists #4 Balasana


Balasana or Child’s Pose is probably one of the most recognized and practiced poses in Yoga (second only to Downward Dog). It’s really a great pose to rest in at the start of any class, or as part of a post workout stretch. There’s a few variations you can try such as, arms stretched forward (as shown in the picture), or arms along the sides as you reach back and grab your heels. You can also walk just your hands over to the left or right to get a little side bend action in the pose.

I prefer to stretch my hands forward for a few breaths, lengthening out the spine, and allowing some openness in the hips and groin area. Then I’ll walk the hands over to the sides for a few more breaths on each side.

Pose #4 Balasana or Child’s Pose


  • Stretches hips, thighs and ankles.
  • Lengthens and stretches the spine and back muscles.
  • Creates a stretch and openness in the hips and groin areas.
  • Calms and soothes the mind and body.

How To:

  • Come to a table top position on your mat (on all fours).
  • Spread your knees out as wide as your mat, or as wide as you feel comfortable.
  • Bring your big toes/feet together to touch.
  • Push your hands down into the mat and bring your hips back to rest on your leg and heels.
  • Walk your hands forward as you lower your torso down to the mat resting your forehead on the mat.
  • Take an inhale as you reach your hands forward and lengthen out and stretch the spine.
  • On the exhale allow your hips to sink deeper onto your heels.
  • Hold here for 5-10 breaths (or even more if you feel good).
  • With each exhale allow yourself to sink deeper into the pose, creating more openness in the back and hips.
  • Play around with walking just the hands over to each side of the mat and hold there for 5-10 breaths.


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