Falling In Love With Running


Training for our race in January is in full swing. Although some of my runs during the week are on the dreaded treadmill, I have been doing my long runs on the weekends, and making sure they are outside. It’s been almost two years since I have really been running, or training for a race, and I’m finding that I’m falling back in love with running. Especially right now. Here in New England, Fall is winding down, and Winter is approaching. It’s such a beautiful time to spend outdoors.

I’ve always found running and biking outdoors to be a sort of moving meditation. Some days I find myself deep in thought about what the future holds for us. On other days that I run, I can just let go of any thoughts, and just be present with my runs. I’m able to put the week behind me, focusing on my breathing and my steps.

As the leaves fall to the ground, and create a beautiful colored landscape to run over, the trees that they once clung to become more bare. The scenery before me is more exposed. I begin to notice things I may have not noticed during the summer months when trees and bushes were more full, hiding what was behind in them in clouds of greenery. I begin to notice new houses I’ve never seen, parks that were once hidden are open for exploration. With each step, as I discover new things about the area I run through, I also begin to discover many new things about myself. I may actually LOVE running for one.

Although I often procrastinate lacing up and hitting the road, once I do I’m caught up in the run. Just with my Yoga and Pilates practice, my mind is quiet as my body embraces the movement. I can become connected to my body in a deeper way through the movements I perform. I love this connection. I love running.




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