January Fitness Challenge

I’ve done these monthly fitness challenges before and have always wanted to create my own. I thought what better time than the New Year. So here it is, your January Fitness Challenge. The idea is to start the month off slowly with the exercises, and every day you will slowly increase the amount of reps you do of each one (things really get cooking on the last week).

Print this out, and every day take 10-20 minutes to complete the exercises, then mark off the day and see how you progress. Put aside the time each day to work on your health and wellness. YOU DESERVE IT IN 2014! I tried to choose exercises that would give you a full body work out. You can do this in addition to your normal routine. I’ll be adding this into my running, Yoga and Pilates practices. If you have no routine and want to get started on some fitness work outs, this will be a good way to kick it off in the New Year.

If you miss a day, don’t beat yourself up about it. Just get back into the groove the next day. The idea is to keep progressing, so don’t let one day ruin the rest of the month for you. Just get back on track and kick some butt in January. Also, if you find you are not progressing along with the calendar, just keep doing what you can do each day. Maybe try to add just one more rep each day instead of whats on the calendar. But don’t allow yourself to give up. Just do what you can each day and finish the month. YOU GOT THIS!!

I’m here for you too. So connect with me via Twitter and Facebook and share how it’s going for you. You can connect with me via the accounts listed on the workout plan, and use the given hashtags so its easier for us to find one another. I’m looking forward to hearing from those who do the challenge!

Also, if you have any questions (like “what’s a burpee?”) please feel free to send me a message on Facebook, comment here, or direct message me on Twitter. I hope to record and post a video of each exercise sometime in the next week.

Wishing you a happy, peaceful and HEALTHY New Year!!

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