Yoga Pose of the Week: Virabhadrasana II / Warrior II


Virabhadrasana II or Warrior II is a strengthening pose, not just of the body but of the soul. In the pose, you can feel your body fiercely reaching out in all directions, exuding the strength of a warrior. From the crown of the head to the soles of your feet, you are standing in strength, standing in power, yet at the same time you are able to find this center of calmness and peace.

I often tell my students in this pose to feel strong, and to send energy out through the hands and the feet, but find this center of stillness and ease in the center of their bodies. The arms and legs are strong but the heart, shoulders, and face are all soft. Virabhadrasana II strengthens the legs and core, as well as the mind.

Virabhadrasana II or Warrior II


  • Strengthens legs
  • Stretches groin, inner thigh, chest and shoulders
  • Increases core strength and stability
  • Opens hips
  • Strengthens quads


How To:

  • From Tadasana/Mountain Pose step sideways on your mat
  • Bring your arms out to a T and walk your ankles underneath your wrist
  • You want enough distance between both feet for a good base. About 3-4 feet or as wide as you feel comfortable
  • Keep your left foot with toes facing forward and heel facing back, parallel with the back of your mat.
  • Pivot your right foot out to face forward and bend into the front knee.
  • Have the heel of the front foot in line with the heel of the back foot.
  • Be mindful that you knee is right over your ankle and not past it. If you knee moves past your ankle either back it off or step your right forward a little more.
  • Move your right knee out towards your pinkie toe of the right foot to open the hip up a little more.
  • Soften you gaze over your front arm and breathe.
  • Hold anywhere from 5 – 10 breaths, feeling the energy from the Earth move up through your feet, through your body and out your hands and the crown of your head.
  • Straighten the front leg and pivot that foot to be parallel with the left foot. Pivot the left foot out and switch sides, bending in the left knee.



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