To Be Goddess


One of the things that I’ve been wanting to do on this blog was reviews of books, products, etc that I enjoy and want to share. I LOVE to read! I read mostly non-fiction books on subjects like Yoga, Pilates, Spirituality, Religions and the odd biography. So you will definitely be seeing more book reviews posted here going forward. Share the knowledge!

I recently just finished To Be Goddess: Every Woman Is A Goddess by Tia Johnson and loved it. I strongly believe that we all have both a divine female (Goddess) or divine male (God) energy within us.  Johnson’s book is a simple guide to tapping into the Goddess within us all. Johnson guides you in how to tap into this powerful energy through meditations, prayers and simple exercises to connect with the Goddesses from different religions and pantheons. I really enjoyed some of the meditations and rituals that one can do to connect to Goddesses like Kuan Yin, Lakshmi, and Freyja.

Connecting to your own inner Goddess gives way to courage and strength you may have not known you had. Through the exercises in the book you may discover a new path, how to awaken dreams and goals that you may have put aside, and to find the energy you need to live your life like the Goddess you are!


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