Healthy Snacking

Some days of mine are long, and I am literally running all over. I’m usually up by 5AM, having breakfast around 6 or 7AM, then off to teach, running errands in between classes, and sometimes not eating lunch until 1 or 2PM. On days like this I have to have some snacks on hand to make it through the day and on to the next class. Not to mention that I’m often also squeezing in my own workouts, for which I need to properly fuel and refuel for. Every week I go to the grocery store and peruse the aisles for some healthy snack options.

Being that I’m in my car for hours at a time, I have to have snacks that dont need to be refrigerated and will travel easily. I usually wind up with nuts, or some sort of trail mix. Which gets old very fast. How many handfuls of almonds can one person eat anyways? I’d love to have dried fruits on hand but its so hard to find ones that don’t have added sugar and preservatives. Fruit is naturally sweet, why add sugar? I’ll never understand that one. Granola bars are pretty much just all junk. Read the ingredients and nutritional labels people! Never just trust that “ALL NATURAL” yellow starburst logo on the front of the package.

So I was super stoked when I discovered Organic Living Superfoods at a local yoga studio one day after class.


Organic Living Superfoods is a local company founded by Bruce Nameson and Craig Singer. Bruce is the former owner of one of my favorite vegan restaurants in the area, Prana (which is sadly now closed). Their incredible line of snacks are all organic, vegan, gluten free, raw and composed of real live super foods. These snacks more than satisfy!

I got to try a few of their snacks, shown in the photo above. By far my all time favorite was the Raw Juice Infused Strawberries. As stated on the label, these are nature’s gummy bears. I’m a sweets person. When I want a snack, I usually crave something sweet. These satisfied my sweet tooth so much, that I’m seriously going to order a pound of these.

My other favorite Organic Living Superfood snack is the dried mango. Again, this satisfies my sweet tooth in a healthy way. This is the BEST dried mango I’ve had. Its not super tough to eat, like leather, as so many other brands are. It has that natural sweetness, without being overwhelming, as there is no added sugar. The dried mango is my go to snack, I pick these up whenever I find them.

For those people like a salty snack, and in a moment of weakness, turn to a bag of chips. You will love the Salt and Vinegar almonds! If you are a fan of Salt and Vinegar chips, you can satisfy that taste with these almonds in a much healthier way.

So many of the Organic Living Superfoods are just so incredible that I could go on and on. Try the Chia Energy Squares for instance! After the mango and strawberries, these are the ones I try to keep on hand.

Organic Living Superfoods offers something for everyone. The owners, Bruce and Craig are dedicated to bringing you the healthiest, plant based snacks on the planet. This is so much more than satisfying a craving, or that rumbling in your tummy, but it’s about feeding your body with with real food that has so many benefits. Eat real food people!

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