Nourish: Body and Soul Podcasts


I’ve recently delved into the world of podcasts. I was not sure if this was an area I wanted to enter, especially since I HATE how my recorded voice sounds. However, I’ve found myself listening to more podcasts now on my commute to and from classes. I love all the different topics that are covered across many different genres. There really is something out there for everyone and all interests. While listening to some of the podcasts that I’ve subscribed to, I’ve found myself already knowing the information, or having some comments to make. I also noticed a gap in the information that I was seeking to learn and listen to. I even started a list of topics I wanted to cover or talk about. I felt that I might actually have a voice to join in the dialogue of Health and Wellness through podcasting. So I did!

My podcast is all about what I’m already sharing with the world here on my blog, in online discussions and within my own classes that I teach. I will feature topics relating to Yoga, Pilates, Mediation, Nutrition, Alternative Health and Therapies, Spirituality and Wellness. Everything from information on Fitness to Herbal Remedies. It’s a unique blending of topics, but all the ones that I hold dear and nourish in my daily practice.

I’ve already done four episodes, three of which are part of a seven part series on discovering the Chakras, and I am featured in the New and Noteworthy section under Alternative Health on iTunes. Please check out my podcast and give the episodes a listen here.

I would appreciate any ratings, reviews, comments, questions and of course subscriptions. I have some interesting topics coming up that I want to cover, including interviews with others in the Health and Wellness field. I’m looking forward to watching my new baby grow, and hoping to interact more with others online through podcasting.

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