Pilates for Athletes

10574305_652240688216147_2182895275442337768_nWhat dancers have known for years, is now being discovered by many other athletes. Pilates can improve your performance in many different types of body movement including sports. David Beckham, Tiger Woods, Lebron James and professional teams like Orlando Magic, Green Bay Packers, and the Detroit Lions are just a few of the professional athletes that have turned to Pilates to improve their game.

The benefits of Pilates as it relates to sports is many including:

  • increased flexibility and strength
  • core strengthening to improve balance
  • prevent and alleviate hip and back pain
  • Improve agility

Everything that we do is supported by and radiates out from your core, even standing and walking. Strengthening your core through Pilates exercises can improve your performance and give you an edge whether you are a runner, cyclist, golfer or tennis player. Find a studio or gym near you that holds Pilates classes by a certified teacher, and explore how this amazing form or movement can improve your game.


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