Pilates Teaser Variations: How to Do Teaser Prep

I know, I know, I promised this video like two weeks ago. Well here it is! There are so many variations of Teaser, and depending on what camp you are in, they are as different as the many names for the many variations. I’m showing you how I teach and practice the different variations starting this week with Teaser Prep.

Teaser is the essential Pilates exercise and it builds from other exercises in your workout such as the 100, the Roll up and Open Leg Rocker. Teaser Prep or One Leg Teaser is an accessible modification to prepare for Teaser (Full Teaser or Teaser 1). Teaser, and even this modified version help to strengthen the core. In Teaser you are engaging your back muscles, your hip flexors and all of your abdominal muscles to find the control to balance in this V Sit position on your sit bones.

In Teaser, when you come into the full expression of the exercise and are balancing on the sit bones,  you want a small curve in the lower back, but a neutral spine throughout the middle and upper back, opening across the chest and shoulders. Using the strength of your core to fully articulate the spine as you roll up and back down with control.

Check back here within the next week or two for more variations. Don’t forget to “like”, “share”, and “subscribe”. Show some love!

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