Lederhosen-Dirndl-Run-in-Atlanta-in-October-2013-Photo-courtesy-of-GACF-I’ve decided to bring back OktoberFIT this year! This time it will be even bigger and better. OktoberFIT will be a month long health and fitness challenge during the month of October. The goal is to learn new healthy habits and provide you with tools to make it through the Holiday season. The months from October to January are full of temptations at every turn, from Halloween candy to Christmas cookies and cakes. OktoberFIT will help you end the year feeling and looking your best.

OktoberFIT will take place across social media as way to share with and inspire each other. You can join the OktoberFIT Facebook group where most of the action will be taking place, and also share your journey with others. If you share anything related to OktoberFIT on your own social media outlets be sure to use the hashtag #OktoberFIT so we can find each other.

I will posting a clean eating plan here and in the FB group before October 1st, as well as a fitness challenge calendar similar to last year’s challenge. Each day you find little tidbits of inspiration to benefit your health and well being. I will also be sharing new Pilates and Yoga videos for you to use along the way.

I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone who joins and shares in OktoberFIT!

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