Pilates Mat Series

The “Pilates Every Damn Day” Challenge kicks off tomorrow, Monday, December 1st. I wanted to give you a little information on the exercises that I will be including in the video. I am recording and editing the video today so will have it posted to the Facebook group either tonight or first thing tomorrow morning.

The video will feature a short Pilates Mat series up until the exercise Spine Stretch Forward. Do this series everyday as part of the challenge. Here they are in order and the benefits of each one. Make sure to check back here or on the Facebook page tomorrow for the video of how to do each exercise. If you have any questions please feel free to post here in the comments or on the Facebook page.


The Hundred

Benefits: Promotes circulation, strengthens abdominal muscles, centers mind and body

Roll Up

Roll Up

Benefits: promotes articulation of the spine, develops spinal mobility and flexibility, strengthens abdominal muscles

leg circles

One Leg Circle

Benefits: lengthens and tones the thighs, develops control of the hip flexors, stretches and relaxes muscles around the hip joint


Rolling Like a Ball

Benefits: Releases lower back muscles, deepens abdominal work, massaging effect on spine, increases circulation

single leg

Single Leg (One Leg) Stretch

Benefits: strengthens abdominals, develops stability in pelvic-lumbar region

double leg

Double Leg Stretch

Benefits: strengthens and builds endurance in the abdominals, teaches working in opposition, develops trunk stabilization


Single Straight Leg Stretch (Scissors)

Benefits: lengthens legs and stretches hamstrings, increases hip flexor flexibility, strengthens abdominals

lower lift

Double Straight Leg Lower Lift (Lower Lift)

Benefits: lengthens legs, engages and strengthens hips flexors, strengthens abdominals

criss cross

Criss Cross

Benefits: strengthens abdominals, specifically the obliques and challenges trunk rotation

spine stretch

Spine Stretch Forward

Benefits: stretches lower lumbar spine and hamstrings, develops core control and trunk stabilization

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