The Pilates Teaser Exercise

fullsizerenderThe Pilates exercise known as the Teaser is the shining star of the Pilates series of exercises. Almost every exercise, including the Roll Up and Open Leg Rocker, that is done in the mat series up until this point prepares you to perform the Teaser. Joseph named this exercise the Teaser, because he felt it was a “teaser” of all that his exercise method worked towards.

The goal of the Teaser is to use your core, hip flexors, and spinal flexors to come up into the position as you balance on the sit bones. Notice in the picture above of Joseph doing Teaser, that there is a bit of a curve in the back, especially the low back as you hold the position. This exercise is different from Navasana or Boat Pose that you see in Yoga, which has a more neutral spine.

Read all about the Teaser and give it a go over the weekend! Practice makes PERFECT!! Get ready next week for “Teaser Tuesday”. I would love to see your best Teaser posted in the Facebook group page, or on your social media and tag me (Twitter @Om_Boy1 and Instagram @Om_Boy) as well as using the hashtags #TeaserTuesday and #PilatesEveryDamnDay.

Benefits of the teaser include:

  • works the obliques more than traditional crunches
  • engages and strengthens the hip flexors
  • stretches the hamstrings
  • increases abdominal strength
  • focuses on balance
  • improves spinal articulation and strength

Tips on the Teaser:

People often struggle with the Teaser not because of core strength, but because of poor hip strength/flexibility or tightness in the back and hamstrings. As you work up towards the Teaser, the goal is to start with and keep the legs in one position (typically out at a 45 degree angles as seen in the picture above) as you articulate up and down through the spine. Having tightness in the hamstrings or hips makes it hard to maintain the position of the leg. You can work up towards this by keeping the legs in a position you can hold, or start with a slightly bent knee.

There are many variations of Teaser that you can try. Start with One Leg Teaser (also known as Teaser Prep) as a modification until you feel strong and flexible enough to move into Teaser 1 (or Full Teaser). Below are two videos on performing different variations of the Teaser.

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