Yoga of Self Love


In an attempt to keep up my writing, I’ve decided to give myself weekly journaling prompts. Each week I will choose and focus on a theme that I will journal and blog about, as well as provide inspiration on the theme over social media. This week, given that it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ve chosen to focus on the (cue the Whitney Houston music) greatest love of all: SELF LOVE/SELF CARE.

I see so many of my friends constantly engaged in negative self talk. We all have those days where it’s a little hard to maybe remember how much we do love ourselves. When I think of self love I’m instantly reminded of the safety presentation on a flight before takeoff. When the flight attendants remind you to give yourself oxygen before administering it to others. If you don’t take care of yourself first, you are not able to properly take care of others. Or in the great words of RuPaul….


Can I get an amen up in here?! I know that self love is hard for some people, but you have to take that time to tell yourself “I love you”. Do you tell yourself “I love you”? I challenge you right now, get up, go look at yourself in a mirror and say out loud “I love you”. Shout it from the rooftops even! Then stand there, without judgement, and tell yourself all the wonderful things that you love about yourself (including the physical ones). Your soul needs to hear it.

This may seem a little strange, or even woo-woo, to some people, but I don’t care. Every morning as I’m getting ready, part of my morning ritual is to say affirmations to myself in the mirror. Affirmations can be anything that you feel you need to hear, and must be stated in the positive. Some of mine include: “I am powerful and courageous”, ” I am receiving all that I desire”, “I am enough”, and of course “I love you” or “I love myself”. Think of some affirmations that you know deep down inside that you need to hear. Create a morning ritual where you take time for meditation, reflection, etc. and repeat your affirmations to yourself out loud.

Take time this week to practice self-love. Say your affirmations, take a long bath by candle light, go get a pedicure or a massage. Of course one of the best ways to practice self love is to take care of your body. Go to a yoga or Pilates class with the intention to connect to your body in a healthy way. Let go of expectations of how your body will perform. Let go of competition by comparing yourself to others in the room. Take the time on your mat to create a loving space for yourself. Let this be a space to connect to your heart, a space to breathe, and a space to say “I love myself and I am enough just as I am”.

Namaste and I LOVE YOU!


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