March Matness – Days 2 and 3

rollI decided to post Days 2 and 3 of March Matness together, since they are basically the same exercise (or in Pilates speak: the same shape in space). When I look at the picture all I can see is two “C”s which makes me think of the Chanel logo.

Benefits of the Roll Up (top picture):

  • challenges abdominals
  • works articulation of the spine
  • massage spinal muscles
  • improves hamstring and lower back flexibilty

How to do the Roll Up:

  • Lie on back with legs straight out in front of you on the mat
  • Reach the arms overhead towards the ceiling
  • Inhale and lift the chin to the chest and bring head through the arms
  • Exhale as you scoop into the abdominals and round up and over the legs
  • Inhale as you begin to roll down, tucking your tail under you
  • Exhale as you control down to the floor, rolling down vertebra by vertebra

Benefits of the Roll Over (bottom picture):

  • strengthens abdominal muscles
  • develops core stablility
  • dynamic stretch of hamstrings and spinal extensors
  • targets hip flexors
  • works on spinal articulation

How to do the Roll Over:

  • Start supine with hands by sides and palms pushing down into the mat
  • Inhale and raise the legs towards the ceiling so they are 90 degrees from the hips
  • Exhale as you bring the pelvis off of the mat and the legs start to reach back and over your head
  • Separate the legs shoulder width apart and flex the feet
  • Slowly roll the legs back down to the start position bone by bone as you articulate through the spine
  • Return legs to the start position
  • Work in a range where these is not too much weight or discomfort in the neck

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