March Matness Day 4 – One Leg Circle

One Leg

Okay, I have to be honest here and admit that when I first started practicing and teaching Pilates, the exercise One Leg Circle was one of my least favorites. In fact I often skipped it completely. I was still a very active runner and cyclist and this area engages all those areas that I was tight in from running and cycling: hamstrings, hips, etc.

I’ve since stopped running to ease some of the damage done to my body and now find that One Leg Circle is an exercise I love.

Benefits of One Leg Circle:

  • Lengthens and Tones Thighs
  • Teaches Stabilization of the Pelvis
  • Develops Control of the Hip Flexors
  • Stretches Hamstrings, Hips and Low Back

How to do One Leg Circle:

  • Lie supine and bring one leg straight up to the ceiling
  • Flex through the bottom leg to help anchor pelvis
  • Slightly turn out from the hip on the leg in the air
  • Cross the top leg across the centerline of the body and down and around
  • After 5 reps, reverse the circle. Circling out, down and back up across the centerline of your body
  • Keep abdominals engaged and the ribs anchored to the mat.
  • Maintain pelvis stability, making sure your hips/pelvis do not “rock and roll” on the mat.

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