To Your Health

Your Health“Your Health” was the first book written by Joseph Pilates and published in 1934. I got the sense that this first book of his (he later wrote and published “Return to Contrology”) is more of his manifesto to the human race. In “Your Health” he details his philosophies, principles and theories on health and fitness. This book is his letter to the human race on how to balance the body and mind in order to achieve and maintain what he calls “normal health”.

Joseph Pilates details his method for complete coordination between the body and the mind. His ideas and methods for balancing the body and mind were quite revolutionary for the time. He was a visionary, given the methods that health professionals used during his day. While reading this, I had to wonder what he would think of today’s health and fitness world with the myriad diet plans, diet pills, surgery, etc. that some people resort to in the search of the “perfect body” or in hopes of balancing their health.

He believes pretty strongly in his methods, stating “That practically all human ailments are directly traceable to wrong habits which can be corrected through the immediate adoption of right (natural, normal) habits.” His methods, which he writes about in the books, include his ideas on proper exercise and even to what position we should sleep in.

In “Your Health”, Joseph Pilates writes a lot about children, and how we should let them grow on their own, learn to walk on their own, etc. I have read that one of his dreams was to have children in schools practicing his method. It was very interesting to read about his ideas on raising children in perfect health. Very fascinating.

Joseph Pilates believed firmly in his methods and knew that one day his method would be practiced globally, and he wished to have it shared with many…”Truth will prevail and that is why I know that my teachings will reach the masses and finally be adopted as universal”.

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