March Matness Day 5 – Rolling Back

rollingThe Pilates exercise known as “Rolling Back” or more commonly called “Rolling Like A Ball” is great for creating a massaging effect for the spine. The goal of this exercise is to sequentially roll through the spine.

Benefits of Rolling Back:

  • Increases Circulation
  • Works Spinal Flexors and Anterior Stablizers
  • Improves alignment
  • Challenges abdominals

How to do Rolling Back:

  • Start in a sitting position, and wrap your hands around your ankles
  • Balance just behind your sitz bones, lifting your feet off of the mat
  • Engage your abdominals, round your spine, and tuck your chin towards chest
  • Inhale and roll back just to top of the shoulder blades
  • Exhale and come back up to balance, without the feet touching floor
  • The goal is to maintain the ball shape while rolling and to use your abdominals to control the move, rather than using momentum to swing yourself forward and back.

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