Day 6 of March Matness – One Leg Stretch

One Leg StretchOne Leg Stretch or Single Leg Stretch is part of what is called the “Abdominal Five” or the “Abdominal Series”. This exercise works deep into the abdominals to promote alignment and stability of both the spine and pelvis.

Benefits of One Leg Stretch:

  • Strengthens abdominals
  • Maintains spinal and pelvis stability
  • Engages and stretches Hip Flexors

How to do the One Leg Stretch:

  • Lie on your back and hug the knees into your chest
  • Curl up head and shoulders, engaging abdominals for stability of the trunk
  • Extend left leg out as low as you can while keeping back into mat
  • Place your left hand on your right knee, and your right hand on the right ankle
  • Inhale as you pull the knee firmly into your body, as the other leg reaches long into space
  • Exhale and change legs, keeping them into the centerline of the body and on the same plane

One thought on “Day 6 of March Matness – One Leg Stretch

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