Day 9 of March Matness – Open Leg Rocker

Open Leg RockerOpen Leg Rocker or Rocker with Open Legs is a challenging exercise that utilizes the deep core muscles to balance and maintain control. Plus it’s just pretty to look at!

Benefits of Open Leg Rocker:

  • Improves balance and control
  • Engages and strengthens abdominals
  • Challenges hip flexors
  • Massages spine
  • Stretches Hamstrings

How to do the Open Leg Rocker:

  • Balance just behind the sit bones and extend the legs into the air, grabbing the ankles
  • Maintain a C Curve in the lower back and the legs about shoulder width
  • Inhale and roll onto the upper back, being mindful to NOT roll onto the head/neck
  • Exhale and really engage the abs to roll back up to balance at the starting position

AND here is Open Leg Rocker in action. I think seeing this in video better explains the exercise then a picture.

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