Setting Yourself Up For Success

quote-Benjamin-Franklin-by-failing-to-prepare-you-are-preparing-573I’m currently running a Facebook group for the month of July with some friends to help motivate and support them on their health and wellness goals. This past week was the first week, and a few of the members struggled. I heard comments like “I had a rough day and emotionally over ate” or “I didn’t have time to grab a healthy breakfast so I went to McDonald’s instead”

It’s hard to stay on track towards your health goals if you don’t set yourself up for success. I shared with the group some of my tips to set yourself up to stay on track, and thought I would share them here as well.

1. Plan and prepare all your meals ahead of time this week. Then you have healthy options ready to eat and you won’t resort to unhealthy fast food instead. I’m making mason jar salads today. I make enough to have one ready each day for lunch. I just shake and eat!

2. Keep healthy snacks on hand. I have grapes that I put in individual baggies and have them when I’m craving a snack or something sweet. Even better, freeze them! Frozen grapes are a great snack on a hot summer day

3. Plan out AND SCHEDULE your workouts like you would schedule any appointment. And invite a friend (an accountability buddy). You will be less likely to cancel on a friend and skip your workout. I often schedule my Pilates and Yoga classes online and pay for them. That way I won’t skip taking class, because if I cancel or don’t show I’m losing money.

4. Pick a workout that is fun, and change it up. This week I’m mixing up my normal workout and making this week’s workout will be dancing. I’m going to use my Wii to play Dance Party. Shake that booty and burn some calories! Plus I can do it at home any time that I have the free time.

5. Reach out for help. Call a friend and let them talk you down from the ledge…or away from the doughnut counter. Most people over eat or make unhealthy choices because of having a stressful or emotional day. Just talking through your day can ease some of the stress and clear your mind to make the healthy choices you need to make your goals.

Leave last week behind you. Start this new week off on a positive note and get ready to kick some ass!

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