Wellness Warriors

Wellness-Warriors-Version-2I’ve been really focused on growing my tribe; a group of people that I connect with and we can come together to share a common goal and interests. I’ve found my small tribe, but I’ve been struggling with what we should call ourselves (if anything). We come together to inspire and motivate each other to reach our health, fitness and wellness goals. Everyone in my tribe has the main goal to be #healthyandhappy.

I’m currently running a Health and Fitness Challenge group on Facebook for the month of July. I had a request to extend the challenge a little while longer as everyone was enjoying it. I was trying to think of a clever name for the group of rag-a-tag misfits that we are, and put a call out to the group. I got a response with the word “warrior” and it immediately clicked for me.

Then I had this thought about calling the people I work with, my tribe if you will, “Wellness Warriors”. This, to me, just says so much in two simple but powerful words. So as I sat with this today I thought “Well, what is a Wellness Warrior?”

  • A Wellness Warrior is someone who is active in working towards living a healthy life and inspiring others to live a healthier lifestyle. We are inspired to live lives that are happy and healthy.
  • A Wellness Warrior strives to achieve calm and balance in their lives by reducing stress through physical activity.
  • A Wellness Warrior is a person focused on living a more sustainable lifestyle and makes choices that are environmentally and socially responsible. We realize that we need to protect our planet for future generations.
  • A Wellness Warrior makes small steps everyday to create a long lasting and greater impact on their diet, health, fitness, wellness and lifestyle goals.
  • A Wellness Warrior nourishes their body with real food and believes in eating as clean as possible.
  • A Wellness Warrior engages in holistic health therapies such as massage, acupuncture, Reiki, etc.
  • A Wellness Warrior believes in magic and that life is better with a little sparkle. We believe in fairy tales and happy endings.
  • A Wellness Warrior lives with passion and everything they do for themselves and for others comes from a place of love.
  • A Wellness Warrior lives a life full of compassion for themselves and every living creature on the planet.
  • A Wellness Warrior dances like no one is watching.
  • A Wellness Warrior realizes that life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

Are you a Wellness Warrior? Ready to join our tribe? Sign up in the email contact form to join our tribe of people passionate about creating a healthier lifestyle.

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