Hidden Sugars in Salad Dressing


When most people decide to eat healthier or try to lose weight the number one meal they usually turn to is salads. I mean doesn’t a big bowl of veggies topped with some lean protein sound like the best idea? Especially during these hot summer months.

But wait! Don’t forget the dangers of hidden sugars in your salad dressing. Most commercial salad dressings contain about 8-9 grams of sugar in ONE tablespoon! It’s like crumbling a candy bar on top of all those gorgeous and healthy vegetables.


Keep your salad lean and green by making your own salad dressings. Here are a few quick and easy ideas for a delicious and low calorie/low sugar salad dressing:

  • Use a little lemon juice only on your greens
  • Mix a little apple cider vinegar and herbs with some olive oil
  • One of my favorites is just balsamic vinegar and little olive oil
  • In a blender blend together 1 tablespoon of oil, some lime juice, 1 tablespoon of honey and some chopped up chives/green onions
  • Blend together some lemon juice with about three tablespoons of tahini and two tablespoons of water/oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add fresh dill for a creamy lemony dill dressing.

If you do decide to try some lower sugar store bought dressings make sure to read the ingredients and measure out your dressing. Simply pouring it over your salad will probably be way more than the suggested serving size. What may look like a tablespoon to you could be about four or five in reality.

Stay health and happy my friends!

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