Like Bamboo


The recent Lunar Eclipse for me was a time for reflection. I sat in mediation and really thought about what I want to let go of and what I want to bring into my life. What is the area I want to focus on for the remainder of the year? The one thing that came up for me was to come into my power, to focus on being stronger (physically, mentally and emotionally). I’m a pretty laid back and flexible guy (again physically and mentally). Strength is something I am lacking however.

I thought “I need to become like bamboo, strong but flexible”. You really can’t have one without the other. One must know when to stand their ground and also when to bend and give. So in my life I must become like bamboo. I have the flexibility but now I need to find my source of strength and power.

So I have to be transparent here and say I’m not always as positive as I come across. We all have moments of fear or self-doubt. Last week we talked about negative self talk and how saying and hearing these negative thoughts in our heads can be counter productive to achieving our goals.

When I go to practice Pilates with my teacher she kicks my ass. She gives me some very challenging exercises to do. When I’m first presented with an unfamiliar exercise my first thought is fear based. I often find myself saying to her “I can’t do that”. I’ve decided that “STRENGTH” is my word du jour for the rest of the year. I need to focus on being stronger (physically and mentally). When I told my teacher that she said “Then you have to stop saying ‘can’t’. You have to say “I’ll try it” and at least try it before quitting”. Saying “I can’t” or not believing in yourself is just as bad as all the other negative self-talk going on in our heads.


Remember that your mind believes whatever you say. Your thoughts and words become your reality. You have to start thinking in terms of positive language, even if it’s only to trick your mind/body into believing it. What phrases do you need to stop saying to yourself and what can you say in it’s place?

What characteristic do you need to bring into your life right? What are some ways that you can find and create that characteristic in your life?

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