Pilates Every Damn Day


Last December I ran a challenge group called “Pilates Every Damn Day”. It was well received and I was asked to run it again in June and July. I’ve now been asked to bring the challenge back for the month of October (and maybe also November).

The goal of the challenge is to introduce people to the practice of Pilates and for those who already practice to take their practice deeper by committing to practicing at least ten minutes of Pilates EVERY DAMN DAY!

If you have access to the Pilates equipment you can make that part of your daily workout. If you don’t have access to equipment, I recommend doing the mat series from The Hundred all the way through to Spine Stretch Forward. You can read about the exercises and how to them in this post. I will also be sharing a video of the exercises in the next few days for those who are may be unfamiliar with the exercises.

Throughout the challenge you will have daily inspiration, motivation and support from myself and the others in the challenge group Facebook Page: Pilates Every Damn Day Challenge.

Be sure to share the challenge and pictures/videos of your daily Pilates workouts on social media and use the hashtag #PilatesEveryDamnDay and tag me

  • Twitter – @Om_Boy1
  • Instagram – @ChrisRobertsWellness
  • Periscope – @Om_Boy1

I look forward to sharing my love of Pilates with you and seeing your posts, tweets and pictures. If you have any questions on the challenge or for me, please post on the Challenge Facebook page.

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