Pilates Every Damn Day Mat Series

Day 1 of the #PilatesEveryDamnDay Challenge is here! Remember that the goal of the challenge is to practice at least 10 minutes of Pilates every day. It’s a small time commitment, so you should be able to get in at least the 10 minutes every day. NO EXCUSES!

Throughout the month we will focus on building strength and increasing flexibility. I will post videos, information on Pilates and more to keep you motivated. If you have any questions or just need a little extra push, reach out to me and the others in the Pilates Every Damn Day Facebook group.

Invite others to the challenge and to the Facebook group, share your experience and your practice on social media. Make sure to tag me and use the hashtag #PilatesEveryDamnDay so we can find one another.

  • Twitter – @Om_boy1
  • Instagram – @ChrisRobertsWellness
  • Periscope – @Om_boy1

Here is a video on a quick mat series to get you started. I recommend 5-10 reps of every exercise from The Hundred all the way up to Spine Stretch Forward. I’ve added a few exercises after Spine Stretch Forward if you wish to keep going. You can read more about the exercises here. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!

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