2016 Is My Year of “Change”


Choosing a word that is my theme for the upcoming year is a tradition that I’ve had for several years now. Each year this word sums up my goals for the upcoming year and provides focus and intention for my goals.

For 2016 I’ve chosen the word “change”. On a fun side note, there is a Facebook quiz floating around that randomly selects a word for you. After I had already decided on “change” being my word, I took the Facebook quiz and it chose….you got it…CHANGE!

So many of my goals for this year have to do with some major changes including in the areas of career, home life, and even physical changes.


  • focusing on my Pilates training and teaching (workshops, networking, etc)
  • creating a space for teaching
  • building my community/tribe including increasing my reach through social media
  • writing and self publishing a book
  • capturing emails with an opt in to launch my newsletter
  • committing to writing one new blog post a week
  • creating new Pilates content for my social media sites
  • work on expanding reputation by appearing in online sites, etc.


  • Put down roots by purchasing a home
  • build a bigger community of friends and family
  • live on a budget in order to pay off debt and build savings
  • be more green
  • adopt a new puppy
  • travel more (possibly two cruises already planned)


  • grow out hair a little and try a new style
  • achieve goal weight and have the best body ever
  • At least 10 minutes of Pilates everyday including three weekly full hour equipment sessions
  • Get in at least 30 minutes of some form of exercise everyday (walking, yoga, HIIT, Pilates, etc)
  • start every day with a glass of warm water and lemon

This may seem like a lot of goals, and I often tell people to not focus on too much at a time. But, all of these are small pieces to a bigger puzzle. Some of these are small habits I want to create everyday that lead me to achieve my bigger goals. Each step leads to the bigger goal.

If you choose a word as your over arching theme for the year, what is your word for 2016? Post it in the comments below. Start the New Year right!


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