Benefits of the Dandelion

Dandelion Flowers

Dandelion Flowers in Meadow

Most people don’t realize the magic growing in their own backyards. The Dandelion is not a weed, it is a wonderfully healing and magical plant. The health benefits of the Dandelion include: relief from liver disorders, diabetes, urinary disorders, acne, jaundice, helps to reduce high blood pressure, cancer and anemia. It also helps in maintaining bone health, skin care and is a benefit to weight loss programs. It is rich in vitamin-A, C, iron, fiber and calcium and detoxifiers. All parts of the Dandelion can be used in a variety of ways, from teas to tinctures. The greens and roots can be used in smoothies and salads. Don’t mow over or spray toxic chemicals on this beautiful plant. Try it out and see how it can be a benefit to your overall health and wellness.



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