Miracle Mornings Day 1


I just discovered and finished reading in less than 24 hours Hal Erod’s amazing book  “The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed To Transform Your Life… (Before 8AM)”


Hal sums up the book in one chapter by saying “The purpose of The Miracle Morning is more about waking up with purpose – combining the benefits of early rising and personal development- and isn’t so much concerned with the activities you do, as long as the activities you choose are proactive and help you improve your inner world (yourself) and your outer world (your life).”

The book has many tools and tips on how you can live the life you have always dreamed of, and one that you can also live with purpose. The main tool in the book is creating a morning ritual that centers around self development and improvement, by focusing on the areas of your life that you want to be the most successful and well…happy. Hal calls these tips Life S.A.V.E.R.S. 

  • S = Silence
  • A = Affirmations
  • V = Visualizations
  • E = Exercise
  • R = Reading
  • S = Scribe – Writing or Journaling

The idea is to wake up an hour or so earlier than you normally would to take this time to focus on these areas that then puts you in a more productive and happier mindset for the rest of your day. I was so fascinated by this process that I just couldn’t put the book down last night while reading and finished it in less than a day. The first two areas are ones that I was already doing as part of my morning ritual, albeit not consistently.

So I’ve decided to take Hal’s 30 day challenge using his technique of The Miracle Morning to create a lifelong habit around this. Today was my first day. When I got to the part of “Scribe” I was like “What do I write about?”, “Do I work on my next book?” or “What can I journal about in the morning?”, but then I had another thought “I should write this as a blog post and share this experience with others”.  So welcome to Day One of my Miracle Morning

Here is what my Miracle Morning will look like, which coincidentally is pretty close to what Hal outlines in the book, although you can adjust and customize to this fit your needs and desires for improving your life.

  • Wake an hour earlier than normally – somewhere between 5-6 AM depending on the day’s schedule
  • Silence = 5-10 minutes of meditation
  • Affirmations = 5 minutes of repeating affirmations with my eyes closed – focusing these on the areas where I feel a need to be stronger, etc.
  • Visualization = 5 minutes on visualizing myself achieving and being successful in the goals I have set for myself over the coming year and areas of my life that I am working to improve. These will be the ones I have on my vision board. Spending time in silence, visualizing myself achieving these goals.
  • Exercise = 15 minutes of Yoga practice
  • Reading = 10-15 minutes of reading a book in the area of self improvement or focused on my industry (yoga, Pilates, wellness books).
  • Scribe = 10-15 minutes of writing in my journal or working on my book

Today was my first day of practicing this,and I was up before my alarm clock as I was so excited to get this started. I’m looking forward to following this over the next 30 days and seeing how these areas of my life begin to shift. I highly recommend picking up this book and joining in creating your Miracle Morning with me.

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