Intro to Biohacking


I am always on the hunt for ways to improve my health and wellness. I like to stay up to date on recent research and studies done in the field of health and wellness. When I came across Biohacking I immediately thought “This makes sense” and I wanted to find out all I could on Biohacking. So what the heck is Biohacking?

Now I am just a newbie to the Biohacking community, but in the simplest terms, Biohacking is using science backed tools or “hacks” to improve our overall wellbeing. Biohacking combines the words “Biology” with “hacking” meaning a Biohacker “hacks” their bodies to improve their health and become the best versions of themselves possible.

These “hacks” include using medical, nutritional, physical and electronic tools or techniques to improve the quality of certain areas of our health. These areas include our physical condition, sleep, and nutrition among others. Biohacking is a powerful way to achieve your health and wellness goals and make some major changes in your life.

Biohackers use tools to track the different areas of their health and wellness. For instance, a simple tool would be using a fitness tracker such as a Fitbit. You can track your water intake, nutrition, fitness and activity levels as well as sleep. Then use this data to find ways to work to improve your over health and wellbeing.

Some easy ways to begin Biohacking are as follows:

  • Eat the Right Nutrition – most hackers follow the Bulletproof, Paleo or Primal Diets
  • Add Bulletproof coffee to your morning routine
  • Spend more time outside – playing in nature, breathing fresh air, expose yourself to sunlight, etc.
  • Meditate – to raise awareness and improve stress levels, memory function and more
  • Track Your Sleep – and find ways to improve it such as going to bed and waking up at the same time each day, avoiding electronics for at least an hour before bed, and using binaural beats or meditation to help you fall asleep faster
  • Try Cold Therapy – this can include cryotherapy, ice baths or simply finishing your shower with a blast of cold water for a few seconds

As I dig deeper into the Biohacking community and work to hack my own health, fitness and wellness I will be sharing my journey and discoveries here on my blog. I’d love to hear from you if you have any Biohacking tips or tools I should try out.

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