Body of Love Podcast

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So I went and done it. I’ve decided to start another podcast. My new podcast “Body of Love” will cover the topics of Body Positivity and Wellness/Wellbeing. I will share conversations and interviews on these topics. I also wanted to start this podcast to share some of the topics that I’m covering in my upcoming book, “Body of Love” which is all about my journey with disordered eating, my recovery and how I found true self love and self acceptance.

In Episode Two, my good friend Coach Jennie and I had an amazing conversation on the topic of “Compare Equals Despair”. The idea of how when we compare ourselves and our journey to someone else’s it keeps us playing small. This prevents us from doing and achieving the things we really want to do in our lives. We also talk about the idea of Social Comparison and Body Image and how this holds us back from accepting ourselves and stepping fully into our own badassery.

I hope you guys enjoy listening to this episode as much as we did making it. The podcast is currently only on Sound Cloud but I hope to have it up on iTunes soon.

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