Male Body Positivity and Body Image

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While girls are given Barbie to live up to, boys are given the image of Ken, G.I. Joe and He Man. At a young age boys are being told to “man up” or “be a man”, which in our society means a man is the muscular, virile, strong and silent type.

Even at an young age, we are being told how to look, what to eat, and expectations are thrusted on us according to someone else’s standards. Parents, teachers, coaches, society, commercials, social media, etc. Society glorifies the idea of a strong, healthy and muscular man.

Is it any wonder that boys are growing up with insecurities and negative body image?Eating disorders in young men are on the rise! 1 in 3 people with an eating disorders are men. A recent study showed that one third of boys ages 6-8 thought they weighed more than they should.

In a society where we are constantly being bombarded with images of perfection and what we should strive for, it’s harder for men to speak up about their body image issues. It’s time to change the way we talk to children, both male and female. It’s time to start showing kids at a young age that all bodies are accepted and loved. 

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