About Christopher


My story:

I worked for over fifteen years in the Beauty Industry as a model, hair stylist and make-up artist. This was a job that left me both stressed and depressed. I struggled for many years with the pressure of this industry to look a certain way which left me unhappy and I turned to some very toxic habits to cope.  From my early teens into my thirties I struggled with anorexia and disordered eating. Eventually, I found Yoga and Pilates as a new way to release the tension and stress I held in my body, mind and soul. Yoga and Pilates had helped me to deal with my toxic lifestyle and my disordered eating. Through my Yoga and Pilates practice I was able to  connect to my body and learn to cope in healthy ways. This practice has helped to really love and accept my body for what it is.

One day something changed in me and I realized that I didn’t want to help people LOOK good anymore, I wanted to help people FEEL good. I felt myself being called to a healing path, not only for myself but to share with and help to heal others.  I had to let go of some self defeating habits; which I was able to do through a regular Yoga and Pilates practice. My decade long practice has brought me to a point where I can finally forgive and love myself. Loving yourself unconditionally is truly a thing of beauty! I am now inspired everyday to be healthy and happy; and I want to inspire others to be healthy, and share the gift of Yoga and Pilates with everyone.

Now I wish to share the message of body positivity, self acceptance and self love. It isn’t about a number on the scale or fitting into a smaller size at lululemon. This is about meeting your body where it is right now, accepting and loving your body, and moving for the sake of moving so that you may find strength, flexibility and ease in your own body.


A New Path:

After over ten years of practicing Yoga and Pilates I decided to enter a training program. Originally, I thought it would be a great way to deepen my personal practice. I had not intended it to become a full time career. I am now a Certified Yoga and Pilates Teacher. I am a 200 Hour certified yoga teacher. I mostly teach Vinyasa and Gentle Yoga, as well as workshops on Spinal Mobility, Back Health, Meditation and the Chakras.

I am also a certified Power Pilates teacher, and a certified Peak Pilates Comprehensive Teacher. I have over 600 hours of training and experience in Pilates on all of the Pilates apparatus including the Reformer, Cadillac and Chair. I am dedicated to preserving, sharing and promoting the classical work as Joseph Pilates originally created it.

I am also a Reiki Healing Practitioner, Certified Herbalist, Writer, and a Certified Wellness Coach. In addition I do work as a Self Love Coach & Life Coach who helps others let go of limiting fears in order to find true self love, self compassion and self acceptance so that they may become their most authentic selves. Additionally I teach corporate yoga and Pilates classes. I am honored to create a space for office workers who are out of balance both physically and mentally to come and relieve stress during their hectic work days.

I am first and foremost always a student. I am constantly learning about the body, nutrition and movement through personal lessons, continuing education and workshops. In my personal life I am an avid cyclist, anatomy geek, book lover, Disney nerd, constant day dreamer, mermaid lover, ocean and marine life conservationist, Francophile and cupcake connoisseur. I love being at the beach and can often be found participating in beach cleanups, and sharing the message of how we can protect our oceans and marine life. I believe in nourishing both your body and soul through good food, love, laughter, a little magic and perhaps a little glitter.

My classes are great for establishing a mind, body connection, as well as physical benefits such as strength, flexibilty and more. 



  • 200 Hour Yoga Certification – Sacred Seeds Yoga School
  • Pilates Comprehensive Certification  – Peak Pilates
  • Certified Pilates Teacher – Power Pilates
  • Basics of Anatomy – Power Pilates
  • Special Cases: Mat Class – Power Pilates
  • Paleo Nutritionist Diploma – Centre of Excellence
  • Certified Family Herbalist – Herbal Academy of New England
  • Weight Loss Coach Certification – Dr. Elmira Strange
  • Wellness Coach Certification – The Wealth Coach Academy

Achievements and Recognitions: